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Digital transformation in health & welfare


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E-hulp is a Dutch independent foundation that stimulates and develops Digital Transformation. E-hulp creates internet solutions for social and mental problems and supports companies in the transformation process. She operates together in a broad network of experts in the fields of Design, Science, Change Management and ICT. E-hulp’ means Electronic Help in Dutch.


The Centre of excellence helped dozens of institutions in Europe and outside with developing online counselling and therapy. Help consists of vision and concept development, target group survey, organisational and technical implementation, public relation development, methodology development and training in communication skills. Besides, the role of project manager and fundraiser are often occupied.  

Frank Schalken, founder and director of, took in 2001 the initiative of a one to one chat at the Dutch Child Helpline. In 2003 the Dutch organization Knowledgeland called that project as the most innovative and social relevant internet project of the year. In 2005 the helpline won the Dutch Contact Centre Promotion Award, due to the chat project.

E-hulp administrates and develops the instant messaging application HelpIM, that is specific built for online counselling. The open source program is called Dutch Open Break Through Project 2007 and is available in many different languages.

The Centre of excellence keeps up the latest news about online counselling and therapy on this website (in Dutch). Since 2008 E-hulp presents the Dutch Thesis Price to stimulate students tot do research about online counselling and therapy. In 2010 the foundation published the first edition of the Handbook Online counselling and therapy (in Dutch).

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